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LongGang Town was founded in 1992, 1995 in shenzhen, focus on nickel plating, copper plating, galvanized, mixed electroplating and other metal surface treatment products wholesale and retail, at the same time, agent distribution characters in Shanghai, guangzhou, taishan, guangdong overseas Chinese and the west gansu chemical reagent plant, and a number of reagents in jinhua large manufacturers products, many famous enterprises and the country to establish a stable supply and marketing cooperative relations, and obtain the business license of dangerous goods, the mouth of the precursor drug class chemistry business registration certificate.

In more than 20 years of production and operation, we actively communicate with the same industry elite, is shenzhen industrial surface treatment industry association, vice President of units, shenzhen cultural association, vice President of production safety and security will alone, and in shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou and other places set up a distribution mechanism, perfect the warehouse management, unified deployment and optimization of logistics, information sharing, the establishment of a broad marketing network, become the production and operation as one of professional one-stop electroplating chemical raw materials distributor.

Main products

Nickel plating: nickel horn, nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, nickel sulfamic acid, etc

Copper plating: phosphorus copper, electric phosphorus copper, copper sulfate, etc

Zinc plating: zinc plate, potassium chloride, zinc chloride, etc

Color: stannous sulfate, stannous pyrophosphate, sodium stannate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt chloride, potassium pyrophosphate, copper pyrophosphate, etc

Self-produced products: oil removal powder, oil removal agent, wax removal water, black nickel salt, etc

In recent years, the company's independent research and development of deoiling powder, deoiling agent, dewaxing water, cutting oil and other products, especially phosphorus free environmental protection series of deoiling powder, with low temperature low bubble, complete deoiling, safety and environmental protection and other advantages, after continuous experimental improvement, the quality is becoming more stable, the new and old customers have been unanimously praised.

HDR brand oil removing powder adopts a variety of high quality surfactant, detergent, osmotic agent, detergent and other refined low foam oil removing degreasing agent, with good wetting, solubilization and emulsification capacity, has a strong ability to remove oil.No oil film or oil spot can be seen on the surface of the workpiece after cleaning.


* hdr-201-1 low-temperature phosphorus-free chemical deoiling powder

This product is made of high effective surfactant, osmotic agent, detergent and corrosion inhibitor, which is suitable for removing oil from steel workpiece polluted by light oil at room temperature or low temperature. It can be used for soaking cleaning, scrubbing, scrubbing or ultrasonic cleaning.It is not suitable for cleaning zinc, aluminum and its alloy. For zinc, aluminum alloy, we can use hdr-206 oil removing powder to clean.

Performance features:

1, low temperature oil removal, operating temperature of 30-50 degrees, energy saving, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance to ferrous metals.It is not applicable to remove oil at high temperature above 50 ° c;

2, remove the oil quickly and thoroughly, clean by light oil pollution of the workpiece, time only 2-3 minutes, suitable for automatic line fast cleaning;

3, this product does not contain nitrite, safe to use, no phosphorus, meet the requirements of clean production, good washing, no secondary pollution.

※ hdr-208-1 low-temperature phosphorus-free electric lifting oil powder

Low-temperature phosphorus-free electrode-lifting oil powder is suitable for the electrode-lifting oil at the initial end of the negative and anode of steel parts, and also for the electrode-lifting oil at the end of the anode.

Performance features:

1. It can thoroughly clean the remaining solid oil stains and organic adsorption film on the workpiece surface after chemical deoiling;

2, low temperature, low foam, no phosphorus, anti-fog, resistant to hard water, easy to rinse;

3, effective activation of the workpiece surface, conducive to improve the coating adhesion.

Chemical deoiling powder hdr-201 is mainly used in the cleaning of iron, stainless steel, plastic and other materials without any damage to the workpiece.Hdr-208 is a high efficiency, low temperature and weak alkalinity electrical lifting oil powder, which has a strong ability to remove oil stains and a long service life. It only needs a small amount of replenishment without replacement.Both anode and cathode can be electrolyzed.Suitable for steel, copper parts, less oil and chemical or solvent oil removal after the electric oil.

Performance features:

1. Protect the substrate.No corrosion, discoloration and other phenomena occur on the surface of the workpiece.

2. It is non-toxic, free of heavy metals, nitrite, etc., and can be completely biodegradable.

3, strong cleaning force, rapid degreasing, can quickly and completely remove the oil on the workpiece.


Emulsified oil (cutting fluid) hdr-108

It is suitable for wire cutting, turning, milling, drilling, grinding and stamping of cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, abrasive steel, copper and copper alloy, etc. It is suitable for traditional machine tools and flexible machining systems.

Performance features:

1, clear and transparent, can see the workpiece process;

2, with good cooling, lubrication, cleaning, anti-rust function;

3, with good anti-foam function, good water resistance, good cleaning;

4. Long-term stability of water-soluble processing liquid;

5. Oil-free formula, non-rancid, clean operating environment;

6. High concentration formula, strong high water ratio and oil-free operation, environmental protection, energy saving and clean;

7, prolong the tool service life, improve the workpiece surface quality.

※ dewaxing water hdr-106

USES and characteristics of dewaxing aquatic products

1. This product is a general wax remover, which is used to remove wax from steel and alloy parts.

2. Strong penetration and dissolution ability, fast wax removal speed, good washing performance, and no harm to the matrix.

3. Wide application range, applicable to all kinds of wax.

4, low concentration of use, high oil tolerance, long life, economic and durable.

Physicochemical index of dewaxing water

Appearance: brown or yellow viscous liquid

PH: 8.5 to 9.5

Black nickel salt hdr-301


This product is suitable for optical instruments, other parts of camera equipment, solar energy coke tear-filled plate, hardware daily necessities, decorations, can be directly electroplated on copper, nickel, zinc or bronze, white copper (copper and iron parts need to be plated with non-ferrous metal substrate first).

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