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Black nickel salt maintenance and precautions

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Black nickel salt maintenance and precautions

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Black nickel salt

Black nickel salt maintenance and precautions

1. The current density of black nickel plating is very low, and the addition of black nickel salt is mainly due to the loss of lead.Determine the specific gravity of the bath regularly and add black nickel salt in time to maintain the stability of the bath.To increase the specific gravity of 1BeO, 12 g/l black nickel salt should be added.

2. Black nickel adjustment salt contains a high concentration of blackening agent, and to get a bright dark black, black nickel adjustment salt can be added 3-5 g/l each time. Excessive addition may cause the color transition (blue, yellow or brown) in the low area.

3. To get an elegant light black, it is advisable to stop adding black nickel salt and replace it with black nickel moving salt.

4. If it is not in use for a long time, there may be crystal precipitates out of the precipitating tank. Before resuming the use of the aqueduct, it is advisable to heat it up to dissolve it completely and clean the contact point of activated anode rod.

5, black nickel salt is easy to contact with the air and weathering, the color gradually deepened, brown-green, will not affect the quality of the product.

Effect and application of black nickel salt

1. Easy operation and high stability of liquid transfer.Low concentration formula, improve the flow of liquid, easy to operate.

2. Color depth can be selected.With the help of black nickel adjustment salt and black nickel positioning salt, you can get an elegant light black or bright dark color.

3, low current area is particularly good, uniform coating color, rarely appear rainbow over plating.

Configuration of black nickel salt bath solution

1. Take the calculated amount of black nickel salt and add it to the aqueduct

2. Add water to the scale and heat to about 55℃, stirring until completely dissolved.

3. Measure the pH value with 5% sodium hydroxide solution and slowly add it with vigorous stirring. Adjust the pH to about 5.6 and continue stirring until the nickel hydroxide precipitation is completely dissolved.

4, to filter the solution clear, the plating solution to reach the operating temperature, you can try the plating.

Black nickel salt maintenance and precautions

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