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Phosphorus free deoiling powder

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Phosphorus free deoiling powder

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Electric release of oil powder

A, use

Hdr-208-1 phosphorus-free oil removal powder for steel electrolysis is suitable for electric oil removal at the initial end of steel parts and anode, and can also be used for electric oil removal at the end of anode.

Phosphorus free deoiling powder

Second, performance characteristics

1. It can thoroughly clean the remaining solid oil stains and organic adsorption film on the workpiece surface after chemical deoiling;

2, low temperature, low foam, no phosphorus, anti-fog, resistant to hard water, easy to rinse;

3, effective activation of the workpiece surface, conducive to improve the coating adhesion.

Operating conditions

1. Concentration and operating conditions of the degreasing solution

Hdr-208-1 iron and steel phosphorus free electric lifting oil powder

60-90 grams/liter

The temperature





Cathode electrolysis: 1-3 mins

Anode electrolysis: 0.5-1 min


2. Preparation of electrically-released oil solution:

Pour tap water into the electric discharge tank, heat it up to 45-50℃, then add hdr-208-1 deoiling powder, stir it until it is completely dissolved, then heat it up to the working temperature, and it can be used.

3. Maintenance of electric discharge oil solution:

(1) the alkali components in the oil removal solution are designed according to the formula, and it is not allowed to add various bases to the oil removal solution in production;

(2) in the process of using the oil removal solution, its cleaning force is gradually reduced due to the consumption of its main components. It is better to analyze the concentration of the oil removal solution once every shift (8 hours) in production, and then supplement the oil removal powder according to the analysis results;

(3) in addition to the oil tank to set overflow mouth, often suspended in the liquid surface to clean up the oil;

(4) low-current cathodic electrolysis treatment should be carried out regularly with wavy electrolytic plate to prevent metal ion pollution;

(5) after long-term use, if the oil removal solution is relatively turbid, the tank solution should be replaced, and the replacement period should be determined according to the production situation of each manufacturer.

 Phosphorus free deoiling powder

Four, points for attention

1. The product should be stored in a dry place to prevent long-term moisture absorption;

2. Avoid contact with skin during use to prevent alkali corrosion and burns.

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