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Germany imported PH paper 0-14

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Germany imported PH paper 0-14

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  • Data:2020/05/22
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Germany MN rapid water quality test paper

German MN monochrome PH paper is carried with one or more different PH indicator materials.For each PH value, the test paper will display a specific color, and the PH value of the sample can be determined by comparing with a color card with a PH unit scale of 0.2 to 1. The range of measurement is from 0.0 to 14.0.The measuring range of universal paper is 1-11 and 1-14;The measurement accuracy is 1 to 2 pH units.The test range of special paper is about 2-5, but the measurement accuracy is 0.2, 0.3 or 0.5 pH units.Note that the precision of the dipstick is not as good as that of the liquid indicator in a non-buffered solution and is the same in a buffered solution.

To determine the pH of a non-buffered solution, a ph-fix strip is recommended.If you must use universal test paper or special test paper, you should follow the following steps: stick the test paper to the inner wall of the test tube and then inject the water sample into the mouth of the tube. After waiting for about 1 minute, observe the discoloration of the test paper through the wall of the tube and make a comparison.

German imported test paper ph0-14

German imported test paper ph0-14

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