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Properties of citric acid

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Properties of citric acid

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The effects of citric acid are as follows:

Citric acid is mainly used as a flavor agent, solvent, buffer, deodorant, flavor enhancer, toner, etc.In addition, citric acid can inhibit bacteria, protect color, improve flavor and promote sucrose conversion.Citric acid also ACTS as a chelating agent, removing certain harmful metals.Citric acid can prevent enzyme-catalyzed and metal-catalyzed oxidation, thus preventing the color and flavor of frozen fruit.

Citric acid


In terms of food additives, it is mainly used in carbonated drinks, juice drinks, lactic acid drinks and other cool drinks and pickled products.Citric acid accounts for about 2/3 of the total consumption of the acidity agent.Adding citric acid to canned fruits can maintain or improve the flavor of fruits in the collection, increase the acidity of some fruit cans with low acidity (reduce pH value), reduce the thermal resistance of microorganisms and inhibit their growth, and prevent the bacterial tank expansion and destruction that often occur in canned fruits with low acidity.Citric acid is added to confectionery as a tart to harmonize with the fruit.Citric acid can effectively reduce the negative charge of pectin in gelatinous foods such as sauces and jelins, thus making the gelatin gel bonded by hydrogen bonds between pectin molecules.In the processing of canned vegetables, some vegetables are alkaline reaction, using citric acid as pH adjustment agent, not only can play a seasoning effect, but also to maintain its quality.Citric acid has the characteristics of chelating and adjusting pH value, which can increase the performance of antioxidant, inhibit the activity of enzyme and prolong the storage life of food in the processing of frozen food.

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