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Polyethylene glycol is mainly used

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Polyethylene glycol is mainly used

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Polyethylene glycol is mainly used

Peg and peg fatty acid esters are widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.Because polyethylene glycol has many excellent properties: water soluble, non-volatile, physiological inert, gentle, lubricate and make skin moist, soft and pleasant after use.Polyethylene glycol (peg) with different molecular weight levels can be selected to change the viscosity, hygroscopicity and structure of the product.Peg (Mr<2000) with low molecular weight is suitable for use as wetting agent and consistency regulator, for creams, lotions, toothpastes and shaving creams, etc. It is also suitable for unwashed hair care products to give hair a filamentous luster.Peg (Mr>2000) of relatively high molecular quality is suitable for lipsticks, deodorant bars, soaps, shaving soaps, foundation and cosmetic products.In cleaning agents, peg is also used as a suspension and thickening agent.In the pharmaceutical industry, used as a substrate for ointments, emulsions, ointments, lotions, and suppositories.Commercially available under the food and drug use Polyethylene Glycol (such as Polyethylene Glycol NF, Dow chemical Co.) more suitable for cosmetic use.The application of methoxypolyethylene glycol and polypropylene glycol is similar to that of polyethylene glycol.

Peg is widely used in a variety of pharmaceutical preparations, such as injections, topical preparations, eye preparations, oral and rectal preparations.Solid level peg can be added to liquid peg to adjust the viscosity for local use of ointment;Polyethylene glycol mixture can be used as suppository matrix.The aqueous solution of peg can be used as suspension aid or to adjust the viscosity of other suspension media.Peg is used with other emulsifiers to increase emulsion stability.In addition, peg is also used as film coating agent, tablet lubricant, controlled release material, etc.


Used as an analytical reagent and also in the pharmaceutical industry

Used as softener, lubricant, etc

In medicine, cosmetics as a matrix, in rubber, metal processing, pesticides and other industries as dispersants, lubricants, emulsifiers

Organic synthetic medium, moisturizing agent for daily cosmetics industry, inorganic salt solvent, viscosity regulator, etc

It is used as flocculant, fluid friction reducing agent, textile wetting agent, retention and filter aid, binder, thickening agent and denture fixing agent, etc

Used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, rubber, paper, paint, electroplating

Used for mold casting agent, metal drawing, stamping and forming lubricants, paper industry lubricants, cutting fluid, grinding liquid cooling lubrication, polishing agent, etc

Used as PVC lubricant, color masterbatch additive, textile softener, pigment dispersant, etc

As a paper additive, it can increase the retention rate of packing and fine fiber.When the relative molecular mass is more than 3 million, it has good dispersion, wettability, resistance reduction and pyrolysis.It is an effective deflocculant.It can increase the viscosity of the slurry, prevent the fiber from sticking to each other, improve the evenness of the paper, reduce the pulping power consumption and increase the physical strength.

Peg-200: it can be used as a medium for organic synthesis and a heat carrier with high requirements. It can be used as a moisturizer, an inorganic salt increasing solvent and a viscosity regulator in the daily chemical industry.Used as softener and antistatic agent in textile industry;Used as a wetting agent in the paper and pesticide industries.

Peg-400: peg-400 is best for soft capsules.Because PEG400 is a liquid, it has a wide compatibility with a variety of solvents, is a good solvent and solvent, is widely used in liquid preparations, such as oral liquid, eye drops.When vegetable oil does not cooperate with carrier of active substance, PEG is the preferred material.This is mainly because PEG is stable and non-perishable, and the injection containing PEG is safe and stable when heated to 150 degrees Celsius.In addition, it can be mixed with high molecular weight (PEG) and the mixture has good solubility and good compatibility with drugs.

Peg-400, 600, 800: used as a substrate for medicine and cosmetics, as a lubricant and wetting agent for the rubber and textile industries.The addition of peg-600 electrolyte in metal industry can enhance the grinding effect and enhance the luster of metal surface.

Peg-1450, 3350: peg-1450, 3350 is the most suitable for making paste, suppository, cream.Due to its high water solubility and wide melting point range, PEG1450,3350 can be used alone or in combination to produce a range of melting points that can be stored for a long time and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical and physical effects.Suppositories that use a PEG matrix are less irritating than conventional lipid substrates.

Peg-1000, peg-1500: used as matrix or lubricant and softener in the pharmaceutical, textile and cosmetic industries;Used as dispersant in the coating industry to improve the water dispersibility and flexibility of the resin, the dosage is 10-30%;Ink can improve the solubility of dye, reduce its volatility, especially in wax paper and printing platform inks, can also be used for adjusting ink viscosity in ball-point pen inks;In the rubber industry as a dispersant, promoting vulcanization, as a dispersant of carbon black filler.

Peg-2000, 3000: used as metal processing mold agent, metal drawing, stamping or molding lubricant and cutting fluid, grinding, cooling, lubricating polish, welding agent, etc.;Used in the paper industry as a lubricant, etc., and also as a hot melt adhesive to increase the ability of rapid re-wetting.

Peg-4000, 6000, 8000: peg-4000, 6000, 8000 for tablet, capsule, film coat, drop pill, suppository, etc.

Peg-4000, 6000 in the pharmaceutical industry as excipients, used as suppository, paste preparation;Paper industry used as a finishing agent to increase the gloss and smoothness of paper;In the rubber industry as an additive, increase the lubricity and plasticity of rubber products, reduce the power consumption in the processing process, prolong the service life of rubber products.

It is used as matrix in the production of medicine and cosmetics industry and plays a role in adjusting the viscosity and melting point.It is used as lubricant and coolant in the rubber and metal processing industry, and as dispersant and emulsifier in the production of pesticides and pigments.It is used as antistatic agent and lubricant in textile industry.

High molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, PEG8000) is very useful as a binder for making tablets due to the plasticity of PEG and its ability to improve the tablet's drug release.PEG gives the tablet a glossy, smooth surface that is not easily damaged.In addition, a small amount of high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, PEG8000) can prevent the adhesion between the sugarcoated tablets and the medicine bottles.

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