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Phosphor copper factory

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Phosphor copper factory

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  • Data:2020/05/23
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Phosphor copper factory

Origin/brand: qisheng

Net weight: 40 kg

Package: in barrels

Purpose: phosphor bronze, phosphor bronze, tin bronze (tin phosphor bronze) added by bronze degassing agent P P content of 0.03 ~ 0.35%, the tin content of 5 ~ 8% Fe and other trace elements such as iron, zinc, zinc and so on ductility, fatigue resistance are good can be used for electrical and mechanical materials, reliability is higher than general copper alloy products. Bronze means copper tin alloy, other than the brass, cupronickel after copper alloys are called bronze, and often in a bronze name prefixed with the name of the first major add elements.Tin bronze has good casting properties, anti-friction properties and mechanical properties, so it is suitable for manufacturing bearings, worm wheels, gears, etc.Lead bronze is a widely used bearing material for modern engines and grinding machines.Aluminum bronze has high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is used for casting high-load gear, shaft sleeve, Marine propeller, etc.Beryllium bronze and phosphor bronze have high elastic limit and good electrical conductivity, so they are suitable for making precision springs and electric contact elements. Beryllium bronze is also used for making sparkless tools used in coal mines and oil depots

Phosphor copper factory

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