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How does shenzhen divide the content that removes oil powder?

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How does shenzhen divide the content that removes oil powder?

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How does shenzhen divide the content that removes oil powder?

The lamp tripod is widely used in metal plastic electroplating, printing and dyeing, spraying a professional disposal of a chemical, also used in a variety of metal appearance degreasing cleaning occupation.Shenzhen deoiling powder selects a variety of high quality surface active agent, detergent, osmotic agent, detergent and other refined low foam deoiling degreasing agent, with outstanding ability of moisture, solubilization and emulsification, has a strong ability to remove oil.No oil film or oil spot can be seen on the surface of the workpiece after cleaning.This product is mainly used in aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and other alloy material cleaning, no damage to the workpiece appearance.


1. Maintain the substrate.The appearance of the clean workpiece without corrosion, discoloration appearance attack.

2, non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals, nitrite, etc., can be completely biodegradable.

3, strong cleaning force, quick degreasing, can quickly and completely remove the oil on the workpiece.

Technical objectives

1. Appearance: white powder solid.

2. Slight odor [1]

3. Ph value: 4% weak base

4. The applied concentration is 5%-10%(it can be adjusted according to the actual situation)

5. Operating temperature: 45℃-70℃

6. Disposal moment: 3-5minute

7. Technical conditions: ultrasonic cleaning

Matters needing attention

1, if accidentally splash into the eyes, rinse with water or normal saline;Stop eating.

2, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, the temperature is not so good.

3, the working fluid must be alkaline, should not be exposed to the skin long time touch.

Shenzhen removes the oil powder when using generally speaking is does not exist how big the problem, the danger also is quite low, but if not careful infiltration eye, must clean quickly!

Shenzhen degreasing powder

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