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The main component of oil removing powder

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The main component of oil removing powder

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The main component of oil removing powder

1. Bases

Basic lotions are commonly used as sodium hydroxide, soda ash, sodium silicate and sodium tripolyphosphate.Sodium hydroxide and soda ash, as alkali agents, are the cheapest, and waste water is difficult to treat. Sometimes the cleaning object is damaged because of the strong alkalinity. On the other hand, there is no emulsifying effect of sodium hydroxide and soda ash on mineral oil cleaning.

Sodium silicate and sodium tripolyphosphate can not only provide alkalinity, but also provide a certain emulsifying power, widely used in a variety of oil removal cleaning agents, especially alkali sensitive oil removal process.The biggest disadvantage of using sodium silicate is that it is difficult to completely clean the residual sodium silicate after oil removal without hot water washing, and the residual sodium silicate will react with the acid in the next process to produce a strong silica gel, thus affecting the adhesion of the coating;Sodium tripolyphosphate is mainly concerned about the environmental damage caused by phosphorus pollution.

2. Surfactant, degreasing powder

Surfactant is the core component of oil remover. The early oil remover was mainly emulsified by emulsifying agent, such as AEO series of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO), alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (TX, NP) series, etc.Excessive use of emulsifiers will dissolve the emulsified oil in the working fluid, resulting in a gradual decline in the oil removal capacity of the working fluid, requiring frequent replacement of the working fluid.

But with the rise in the price of surfactant, more and more to reduce the use amount of surfactant, improve the rate of oil removal, this requires that the agent has good dispersion and secondary sedimentation performance, resistance to fall off the grease from the metal surface, emulsification, saponification in the solution, just floating in the surface of solution, keep the slot liquid clear and persistent oil removal ability.

Suitable for oil removal of surfactant, on the other hand, generally for nonionic type products, non-ionic product price is higher, generally to reduce in addition to the cost of agent, anion products will appear in except oil formula, especially at the same time with characteristics of anionic nonionic surfactant fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylate sulfonate (FMES), excellent "scattered volumes from" characteristics, help remove grease of emulsion type stripping.

Degreasing powder

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