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What advantage does shenzhen divide oil powder have, the function that shenzhen divides oil powder!

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What advantage does shenzhen divide oil powder have, the function that shenzhen divides oil powder!

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What advantage does shenzhen divide oil powder have, the function that shenzhen divides oil powder!

Speaking of imports, a lot of people's feeling will feel better than domestic, in fact, a lot of things are like this, like electronic products tired, in addition to oil powder is also like this?There are many kinds of ingredients in imported oil removing powder.Of course, surfactant is the most important component.With thousands of tests of these detergents, it is easy to understand the ingredients in every aspect of the detergents. It is easy to judge the proportion of the detergents on the premise of ensuring the accuracy and time of the samples from customers. It is easy to know the formula information of competitors in the competition.Professional supply of shenzhen oil powder component analysis, component testing business, for customers to sample, analysis of products, help customers to reach the product cost reduction, greatly improve the function and then enhance the competition advantage, in their work in the development of the market has a favorable position.

Several advantages of component analysis: constraint to restore basic formula within working days:

1, technical research, know the composition of the product, quickly positioning location;

2. Guide product improvement (analyze good products and compare products with excellent functions);

3. Analyze the cause of product failure;

4. In the peer competition, the analysis of competitors' products and technologies is the most abundant.

Oil removal powder also called powder, and oil removal powder composition of the same.There are also oil remover and its function is the same, but is liquid.

Classification of oil removal powder: according to the nature can be divided into chemical oil removal powder and electric eradication oil powder, according to the variety can also be divided into iron and steel oil removal powder and alloy oil removal powder.Deoiling powder: it is made of a variety of effective surfactants, detergents, osmotic agents and lotions, etc. It has excellent ability to moisten, dissolve and remove oil.

Functional features: shenzhen oil removal powder

1. Maintain the substrate.The appearance of the clean workpiece without corrosion, discoloration appearance attack.

2, non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals, nitrite, etc., can be completely biodegradable.

3, strong cleaning force, degreasing, can quickly and completely eradicate the oil on the workpiece.

Buy oil powder to shenzhen hengdi yuan runda industrial co., LTD., we are specialized in producing all kinds of oil powder to meet your needs, to ensure that the powder to oil, is your best choice.

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