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Electroplating raw material wholesale tell you what is electroplating anode

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Electroplating raw material wholesale tell you what is electroplating anode

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Electroplating raw material wholesale tell you what is electroplating anode

The insoluble anode for electroplating is a coating of noble metal oxide with high electrochemical catalytic performance on a titanium matrix (reticulated, plate-like, banded, tubular, etc.), which contains a valve metal oxide with high stability.The new insoluble titanium anode has high electrochemical catalytic energy, oxygen evolution overpotential is about 0.5v lower than that of lead alloy insoluble anode, energy saving, high stability, no pollution of plating solution, light weight, easy to replace.

Electroplating anode includes a fixed part, a precipitate and a surrounding department, by its surrounding department effective increase not soluble anode area, and improve the load capacity of the anode, and increase the soluble anode area effectively, not make the rapidly increasing concentration of plating solution, make provide effective precipitation in and relative to the workpiece surface, increase provide effective precipitation, the actual increase plating capacity, and will not make provide stuck to facilitate additions, thus improve the using effect as a whole.

Chromium plating anode

1, new

The oxygen evolution overpotential of insoluble titanium anode was also lower than that of platinum-plated insoluble anode, but the service life was more than 1 times longer.It is widely used as an anode or auxiliary anode in various electroplating. It can replace the conventional lead alloy anode. Under the same conditions, the tank voltage can be reduced and the energy consumption can be saved.The insoluble titanium anode has good stability (chemistry, electrochemistry) and long service life in the electroplating process.This anode is widely used in nickel plating, chromium plating, zinc plating, copper plating and other non-ferrous metal industries.

Electroplating anode can completely replace titanium plating platinum anode, even longer service life, its price is less than the titanium plating platinum 1/2, the electrode is by the titanium substrate of special mixed metal oxide sintered multilayer, impact resistance to high current density, resist the corrosion of strong acid, under a / 5000 square metres of current density can be stable running for a long time, simplify - DD anode can be made into a variety of shapes, fully meet the requirements of users;It can be used for galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, high corrosion resistance zinc alloy plating, imitation gold plating, nickel-zinc alloy, nickel-tin alloy, electronic plating, tin plating, gold plating, methyl sulfonic acid tin lead alloy plating and other occasions.

2. Metal plating

Only zinc and nickel are metals that can be directly electroplated on magnesium alloys. Their sedimentary layers are not used as decorative layers in industry, but only as the bottom layer, which is then plated with other metals.The development of special methods for obtaining useful coatings depends on the two basic properties of magnesium matrix.Second, it is easy to produce corrosion in many acid tanks.Pre-passivation process is to make the surface of magnesium alloy to generate a single layer of film to prevent it from being oxidized by the plating solution.The membrane is required to be electrochemically active and can be partially or completely reduced during cathodic polarization to ensure uniform plating on the active surface.The disadvantage of prepassivation is that if the film is thick, the adhesion between the coating and the substrate is not good, but bad.Therefore, the second method, contact galvanizing, is often used.The zinc substrate is firmly bonded to the surface of the magnesium alloy, which can not only prevent corrosion of the plating solution, but also provide the necessary electrochemical activity for gold plating.

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