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Common methods for treating chromium plating wastewater

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Common methods for treating chromium plating wastewater

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Ferrous sulfate and sodium bisulfite method is one of the commonly used methods for hexavalent chromium containing wastewater treatment, but their process there are obvious different, south China university of technology school of mechanical and automotive engineering, huaiji deng cloud auto parts co., LTD. The researchers through test study, contrast, pointed out the on different occasions using appropriate method can obtain better comprehensive effect, to the production practice of chromium electroplating wastewater treatment to provide the reference.

Using ferrous sulfate and sodium bisulfite can effectively treat chromium plating wastewater, but ferrous sulfate treatment is more economical, simple operation, high efficiency, the disadvantage is more sludge;The advantage of sodium bisulfite treatment is less sludge, but the cost is slightly higher than that of ferrous sulfate treatment, and the treatment time is longer.Because the ferrous sulfate method does not need to adjust the pH before treatment, it is more suitable for the continuous treatment occasions with a large amount of waste water.Sodium bisulfite treatment time is longer, the operation is more complex, but the sludge produced less, more suitable for small electroplating plant, the amount of waste water is not too much, need to be regularly treated occasions.

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