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What is the electric lifting oil powder?

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What is the electric lifting oil powder?

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Electric discharge oil, also known as electrochemical oil removal, is in the alkaline solution, parts as the anode or cathode, using stainless steel plate, nickel plate, nickel-plated steel plate or titanium plate as the second electrode, under the action of direct current will be part of the surface oil removal process.Most of the discharge oil is used in the pretreatment of electroplating.

Electrochemical oil removal is similar to alkaline chemical oil removal, but it mainly relies on electrolysis to enhance the oil removal effect. Generally, electrochemical oil removal is more effective, faster and more thorough than chemical oil removal.The oil remover used in electrochemical deoiling is called "electrodeoiling agent".

Due to the emulsification of hydrogen and oxygen constantly generated on the electrode during electrochemical oil removal, emulsifier can be added with or without in the electrochemical oil removal solution.The foam formed by the excessive emulsifier is easy to adhere to the surface of the parts, which is not easy to clean, and also affects the gas escaping from the electrode surface.When a large amount of precipitated hydrogen and oxygen is covered by the foam on the liquid surface, it will cause an explosion and cause a safety accident once it encounters a bad contact between the electrode and the hanger and causes an electric spark.

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